The Law of Wealth Attraction

Your mind is the most powerful tool in the universe. How you decide to program it, influences your outlook on life, your ability to achieve wealth and abundance, your self-esteem, your relationships, and your future.

Programming your mind is very simple, when you start with little mind-hacks called positive affirmations. Using a simple formula of thought – speech – action, you’re able to break negative thought patterns and influence your mind to focus on what you desire.

For an affirmation to be most effective, it needs to be read, written and spoken in the present tense, and has to be positive, personal and specific.

Reading, writing, and repeating positive wealth affirmations from programs like the “Law of Wealth Attraction,” will help shape your thought patterns and move you towards wealth. These affirmations help purify your thoughts and program your mind to believe that anything is possible.

Since our brains are essentially massive computers, we can program them with new information. Just like your computer, your brain runs programs that have been installed over time. It can also run new programs as quickly as you can install them. Affirmations are like computer programs for your mind.

Installing new affirmations is a simple process that becomes more effective as you practice the installation techniques. They are most effective when you use multiple senses to fully integrate your program installation. If you read, write and speak your affirmations, your success rate increases exponentially. Your subconscious mind absorbs the information you’re feeding it more rapidly, because it’s coming in from multiple sensory areas.

Sometimes the results are very fast. Other times it takes longer for your mind to accept affirmations, because your belief level gets in the way. If you have been told, as a child, that money is hard to come by, your belief is deeply seated in your subconscious mind. Replacing your current belief with a new one, takes more time and effort, than installing a brand new belief where there was none before.

If you find that your new abundant wealth affirmation is taking longer to manifest than you had originally anticipated, it’s probably trying to replace a deep seated current belief. You may consider self-hypnosis or meditation in combination with your affirmations to replace your current mindset with your new vision.

As your new affirmations start to take root in your conscious and subconscious mind, you’ll notice you’re starting to take control of your life’s direction. Your thoughts and vision in your “mind’s eye” become more focused on your new reality. Then you’ll start manifesting your vision into your life’s direction.

It's not always easy to manifest your desires, but with a strong belief level and positive repetition, you are very likely to achieve your goals.

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Wealth Affirmation Cards

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