More millionaires are being created in today’s society than any other time in history. Opinions vary on the number of millionaires in the world, but Capgemini and RBC Wealth Management estimate there are 14.6 million millionaires, the Boston Consulting Group estimates 17 million, and Credit Suisse’s estimate is 35 million. Regardless how many millionaires are actually on the planet, the fact is, we have more than ever before. And many more are on the way.

Why More Millionaires?

The answer is simple. Two trends have converged that allow average people to become millionaires:

1. Digital Technology
2. Progressive Thought Processing

Digital Technology

The average person has access to more digital technology than any other time in history. It’s simple to publish ebooks, music and video. Mainstream media is losing its foothold to self-publishing, Youtubers, Vloggers, and podcasters. And age is not a limiting factor.

Whether you’re eight or eighty, digital technology has leveled the playing field for generating an income. Self-made teenage millionaires are actually a real thing. And even if you don’t enter the ranks of the millionaires, you can still make a very respectable income online.

Progressive Thought Processing

Right now, more people are consciously taking steps to improve themselves mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. The process starts by taking baby steps towards your goal and increases momentum as you continue to move forward.

Dr. Steve J. Jones said it best, in his “Cracking The Millionaire Mind” workshop.

“Your mind is your only tool for survival. You don’t have the claws of a tiger or the muscles of a gorilla. Humans live or die based on the ability to think. In particular, the ability to recognize patterns.

Pattern recognition is how humans hunt animals, plant crops and build tools. Patterns are how you navigate the world and, as you mature, you come to see everything as a pattern.

You don’t expect a car to grow teeth and eat you. Likewise, you don’t expect a lion to let you hop on his back and gallop into the sunset. These ideas go against the pattern that is “car” or “lion”.

But there’s a catch…

In time, you lose the ability to see the car as-it-is. You can only see the pattern that represents “car”. You no longer see the lion as-it-is. You see the pattern that represents “lion”. Anything that’s outside of your accepted pattern is blocked out by the subconscious mind.

This is why it’s so hard to erase bad habits OR create good habits. Your “self” is a pattern too. Everything you know about yourself, about what’s possible, about your capabilities, blooms from the pattern that you call ‘I.’”

If you look at your own wealth and abundance through the same lens, you can start to see why your financial goals have remained elusive. For many people, the pattern they’ve developed over many years, has trained their mind to focus on the scarcity of wealth instead of the abundance.”

Now What?

fork in the road

So you stand at a fork in the road. You know you can become financially independent, if you train your mind properly. But do you take several years to reprogram your mind, or do you take a few months?

Most people want to take the fast track, but when they find out what it is, they’re often apprehensive. The fastest way to reach your goals, whether it’s to become the world’s next millionaire, to quit smoking, stop drinking, or a multitude of other personal development attributes, is professional hypnosis.

Not the kind of hypnosis you see on TV or at carnivals that makes you bark like a dog or embarrass yourself; professional hypnosis uses specific sequences of words to rearrange your thought patterns. It can turn negative thought patterns into positive ones. Suddenly your financial scarcity mindset is transformed into wealth abundance. And your new thought processes don’t fade, they become your new normal.

Building abundant wealth and financial independence has never been as simple as it is right now. The convergence of digital and thought technology has transformed millions of people’s lives. There are new millionaires being created every month and the bandwagon is open to anyone who is interested.

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