Time is money. It’s a great expression, but it’s false. Imagine if you could actually interchange time and money. If you wanted more time, you simply buy it and conversely, if you wanted more money, you exchange more time.
What if every minute had a defined value? If every minute was worth $1, your time would be worth $60 an hour. If you could buy more time for $60 an hour, would you?

There are lots of questions that an actual time-money exchange would bring to light. Would your minute be worth the same as your neighbour's minute? Would the CEO of a major corporation’s minute be worth the same as yours? Suddenly time’s value becomes different for different people.
If time was money, would your value be based on your salary or your net worth? If you own a business, would your value be based on your salary, your net worth, or the net worth of your business? Let’s assume for a moment that your value would be based on your salary.

We all have 525,600 minutes in a year. If you make $50,000 per year, your dollar value is less than ten cents per minute. If you make $100,000, you’re worth is nineteen cents per minute. $250,000 is forty-seven cents per minute.

And if we take things to another level, the top five CEO salaries according to Forbes magazine are:

John Hammergren
$131,000,000 annually = $249.24 per minute

Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren
$66,000,000 annually = $125.57 per minute

Michael Fascitelli
Vornado Realty
$64,400,000 annually = $122.53 per minute

Richard Kinder
Kinder Morgan
$60,900,000 annually = $115.87 per minute

David Cote
$55,000,000 annually = $104.64 per minute

Bringing things back down to the average income levels, you can compare yourself to your colleagues using the online tools at

But all this is only relevant if we continue thinking that time and money have a relationship, which they don’t. Money is a simple system of measurement, the same as an inch or a centimeter. But time is not money. Time is infinitely more valuable than money.

Every human being on the planet has exactly the same amount of time. No one can make more time, no matter how much money they make. You can always make more money, but you can’t make more time. Time is the great equaliser among all human beings. And it is infinitely more valuable than any of our measurement systems; including money.

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